Estefania Ortiz

I am an entrepreneur,  developer, educator.



I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Where I found my passion for software, education, and entrepreneurship by dropping out of high school and independently studying Computer Science during my senior year with free online courses. I formalized my education through a summer of courses at Carnegie Mellon and a Computer Science B.S. from Stanford University. 

Software Development

I started working as a software developer in 2011. Since then I have had many clients, used numerous technologies, and been recognized by prestigious organizations. Some of my most impressive work has been: 

Software Developer Facebook
Built Android frontend and PHP backend for friend requests and group posts features in an experimental application.

Software Developer Good Eggs
30+ full stack, mobile responsive features built on groceries marketplace using Node.JS, Backbone, Bootstrap, and many other Javascript tools.

Software Developer Microsoft
Worked on internal database tools using a .NET fronted and Windows Azure backend. 


Lead Developer & Product Manager Bloomjoy

Full feature influencer payment platform built on Node.JS that got into YCombinator. Features include: Stripe Payments, Facebook Pages Integrations, Admin and Influencer Dashboards, Filterable Discover Page, Custom URLs for Influencers, and many more.  

Founder & Lead Developer Greo 

Raised VC funding and built full feature "video twitter" for IOS using Swift with an AWS and Firebase backend. Aside from video creation and consumptions, features include: followers, notifications, likes, video responses, filtering, privacy settings, and much more.

Founder & Lead Developer Dina

Full feature channel based Q&A platform for high school students build on Node.JS and React. Features include: multiple format document upload, real time conversation threads on questions, privacy options for anonymity, and much more.


Other Experience

I also care deeply about education and diversity in tech. Some of my work that reflects this passion follows:

Alum and Alumni Council Co-Chair CODE2040 - I participated in the fellowship for two years and worked as founding Alumni Council Co-Chair for a year.

Data Structures Instructor Coalition for Queens - Curriculum creation and delivery, assessment design and grading, and individualized instruction for data structures course at a coding bootcamp.

Founder and Organizer Latin@ Coder SummitOrganized and executed a practical workshop based conference for an audience of 200+ developers with sponsorship from Stanford and HHF. 

AP Computer Science Teacher Level Playing Field InstituteCurriculum creation and delivery, assessment design and grading, office hours, and practice testing for AP Computer Science weekend program in Oakland, CA. 

 TLDR: I can build iPhone apps and web apps, teach tech, and hustle.